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The Historic Kingston Waterfront Group is pleased to introduce its barge accessible industrial waterfront assemblages in the harbor of Kingston, NY. The Group owns four (4) assemblages which total some 100 acres, of which 33 acres are along almost two miles of waterfront in the geographical heart of the Hudson River Valley.

Located 1 hour and 40 minutes by car from Times Square in New York City, the two main assemblages lie on the north side of Kingston Harbor in the historic Rondout district of Kingston, with barge access to the Hudson River. These areas are the focus of coordinated public investment by the State of New York and new initiatives by the Federal government.


The sites, along with the entire adjacent waterfront, are being rezoned for as-of-right development and are the focus of a New York State funded General Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS) that substantially replaces the Environmental Impact Statement normally required for such a development. In addition, most of the sites are enrolled and grandfathered in the 2003 Brownfields program which provides substantial tax credits on the entire development cost, rather than on remediation costs alone as provided for in the more recent program.

Working with the local community and municipal, county and State governments, a comprehensive vision and schematic plan has been developed for the coordinated development of these sites. These remarkable waterfront development sites are ripe for development and are unique in the greater New York and Hudson River Valley area.

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